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How It All Began

The History Of How Humans Became An Interstellar Species




(Books 1-3)

A plot to end six billion people led to humans with superpowers and an interstellar presence. There are two things to know before traveling into space. One, humans are fragile. The other is a hard lesson.



(Books 4-9)

Superpowers and a fast spaceship are needed for humans to survive the millennia’s old plan to end Earth. Find out why humans shouldn’t be in space.



(Books 10-12)

A young woman expands her extraordinary abilities. She continues the prophecy started by her father. Is she destined to save humans and galactic harmony? Learn how one woman has the strength to end the slavers.


Gossamer Crystals

(Book 13)

It is 147 years after the end of the ethereal slavers. The new crew is pushed into a mission of survival. The captain thinks the assignment is a reward for working hard. He finds some gifts that come with pain and fear.


Gossamer Crystals is scheduled for publication in January 2021.

Biomass 3D Covers

Summitate Trilogy





The consequences of a planned genocide are remarkable abilities.

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Carina - Time is an Illusion

The Carina Series

Time is an Illusion

A Calm Mind

Our Place


Ho' Ma' Utz

Humans are infants in the installer wars.

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Aalborinn - The Reluctant First

The Aalborinn Trilogy

The Reluctant First
The Girl of Light
Ka'i: The Second First


The galaxy's fate lies in a human woman. Is she strong enough?

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Other Stories by R.C.

Crazy Sweet Grass Cover

The Story of Fletcher Nine Fingers

Fletcher is blessed.

In a time when mixed-race children are put to death at birth, Fletcher survives.

He knows he will fulfill the prophecy.

Stop the clan wars and save his people from the invaders.

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Aydin Trammel 3D Covers

The Aydin Trammell Chronicles


Can a simple man overcome the programming?

Shiny Lies
Shiny Pennies

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Miranda Everlasting

Miranda Everlasting

Albee has been the LaLonde plantation housekeeper for almost 50 years. She has loved and raised the children as if they were her own.

She risks everything to protect Miranda, the youngest LaLonde.

Desperate, Albee turns to magic she never dared use.

Death is not a barrier.

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Max will do anything to help the one he loves.


Max learns to alter the future, but not without causing physical harm to himself. He’s careful when using his newfound power.


A devastating event in Jamie’s future, causes Max to vow to save her no matter the cost.


How much pain can one boy endure to save the one he loves?


Will it be enough to protect her?


Is the cost too high for him to pay?

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Vampire Unicorn


One man's fictional biography.


Everyone thinks the baby boomers had it easy.


Think again.


Vampire Unicorn is a story of growth and perseverance in a chaotic world.

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R. C.'s Musings and Updates

Blue Paint


Grand-mère said, grand-père painted the house blue. My mère said...

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