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Time to Emergence Available: July 1, 2020 Preview Here Share This Page. Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter …
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Time to Emergence A Few Recent QuestionsAalborinn – The Reluctant First Who are the Ajawlil? The A-jaw-lil are a race …
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Time to Emergence Aðalborinn: An adjective of Icelandic origin.From the words Aðall which is “nobility”in English, and Borinn which is …
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I found my site does not perform well with IE. This from Microsoft: “Microsoft recommends using the new Microsoft Edge …
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Because, why not, the Misses and I binged a couple of shows: Star Trek: Picard and The Mandalorian.For what it …
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Flash Fiction – Micro Stories

Icky Waddles – Part Seven

“The most sublime act is to set another before you.”William …
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Icky Waddles – Update

“The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.” …
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Icky Waddles – Part Five

“You never know how strong you are untilbeing strong is …
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Icky Waddles – Part Six

“No one is useless in this worldwho lightens the burdens …
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Aydin Trammell

Ptarmigan Lane – Part One
Available Now!


The Reluctant First
Available Now!

Flash Fiction

A few quick stories I have conjured.


Not all voodoo is bad voodoo.

Summitate Trilogy

Where it all began.
What do you do with 6 billion bodies?

Carina Series

A quirky space opera sprinkled with pop culture humor.

Max and the Dream Time

What would the teenage you do with the ability to see the future?


Ten lessons in motivation from Admiral W. H. McRaven.

Ruairí’s Books

Books and stories are available in the Amazon Kindle store.

Character Profiles

Backgrounds and summaries of the key characters in the Summitate and Carina series.

Planet Profiles

Backgrounds and summaries of the planets and beings in the Carina series.


Research sites and graphics artists.

About R. C.

Fortunately, in secondary school, my interest in reading was sparked. A close friend and an instructor, who took interest in a boy he later called ‘The rebel without a clue.,’ were instrumental in my learning the value of a good book. Both piqued my interest in reading. My lifelong friend inspired me to read J.R.R. Tolkien and I became addicted to the fantasy genre. The instructor required I read interesting historical novels for academic credit. Frank Norris, Leon Uris, and Ken Follett are inspirations and fuel my love of history.

Born to a military family, it was only logical that I follow the military tradition. However, after four years of “yes sirs” and scraping the wax off floors I decided there must be more fun in a corporate career. Thirty plus years of work experiences across the globe, the corporate career landed me in Colorado where I live with my wife and I can be close to my children and grandchildren.

  • Summitate Series

    Where it all started.

  • Carina Series

    Next: Lifting the Fog of Ignorance

  • Max and the Dream time

    A collection of short stories