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Marble Grove

Book one in the Carin Trimble series, Marble Grove is a detective mystery with a contemporary vibe.

Carin Marcia Trimble is a newly promoted detective who begins to believe Al’s ideas about a serial killer. Thirty-four, unmarried, the five-eight brunette has a couple of decades of martial arts training in her tool kit. If true, Carin soon realizes Al’s theory about a serial killer is her way out of middle America and into the big leagues of detective circles. 

Calder Road

Book two in the Carin Trimble series, Calder Road continues to look into the hidden history of Marble Grove.

“One of those DNA tests will tell you what you want to know. They run specials all the time. You can learn things you probably don’t want to know for fifty bucks.”

“We’ve all had to have someone else rip off the bandage that we could not take care of ourselves. Sometimes, the pain of losing a few hairs keeps us from knowing the wound is healing. Often, wounds need to feel the air to heal more quickly. Carole, I’m ripping the bandage off Marble Grove and starting with …”

Broken Loch

Book three in the Carin Trimble series, Broken Loch gives up Marble Groves Secrets.

“Actions, when taken to avenge another, no matter how loathsome, are worth a lifetime of dark memories.”

Carin’s struggles are emerging again, spurred on by the quest to untangle a web of hints left by her late mother. Delving deeper, she confronts a dark mystery that will unveil the intricate tapestry of their family’s past — a revelation poised to shatter everything they thought they knew.

The Carina Reality

Book one in the thirteen-book Carina Reality series.

The original goal: Seven billion dead.

My name is Nathan. I was there to write it all down and never expected to join the strike team ordered to control the new humans. Fighting is easy when the alternative is extermination.

The new goal: Use the new knowledge and abilities to save Earth.

Tule Fog

Amid the relentless grip of the valley’s toxic fog, chilling murders and treacherous plots unfold, creating an atmosphere of unease and suspense.

Between life and death lies a five-day void, and Anthony finds himself trapped within. Awakening in an ICU, his heart now tethered to a machine in his chest, he uncovers a disturbing truth, a forgotten plot of his own making. San Joaquin Valley, once thriving, is now consumed by crime and decay. With the cryptic Mary by his side, Anthony embarks on a daring mission to restore order, even if it means deciding who lives and who dies.


A collection of short stories and micro fiction.

Ptarmigan Lane – A Techno Thriller

Fo Miranda –  A Fantasy Mystery

Max and The Dream Time – A Fantasy Adventure

But Ossipher & Icky Waddles – Micro Fiction

Web Stories – Quick Reads 


A vigilante finds the people that began the pain for so many. The first step is to avenge the agony and suffering he witnessed as a child.

“Some people do not deserve another breath. We expect our laws to protect us from those who are evil and vile. Law enforcement is constrained. Laws fail. Lawyers are too good at playing in the legal grey area. F’ing lawyers.”

Fourth Street Blues


High-Stakes Texas Hold ’em in a Digital World

Fourth Street Blues is a first-person account of sitting at a poker table for a few hours. It is the story of hands played and the characters behind the strategies. No whining about bad beats. No bragging about drawing out the one card needed for the pot. Just a few dozen tips for playing sound, hand-dealt poker.

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