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I received a challenge.

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I received an interesting request.  “How would you to describe your books, and their audience, in under fifty words?  Be honest.”   Challenge accepted!

Book One

Verum – Exercitum ex nihilo. / Truth – An Army from nothing

Be patient, hang in, the story builds on the minutiae.  The character, NT, is secondary, truly reprehensible characters emerge later in the book.  Primary audience: SciFi readers, anyone who knows what a DOS Prompt does, and anyone who remembers bad eighties television.  Not the easiest read but is entertaining.

Mendacium – Peccatum Tacituritatis / Lies – The sin of silence.

One is reprehensible.  Another is growing up.  Everyone else is along for the ride.  There’s a gorgeous muse.  The yin and yang of life.  Primary audience: SciFi / Fantasy readers, readers of social commentary, and anyone who watches Ancient Aliens on The History Channel.   An easier read than book one.

Book Three

Libertas – Novi Cives / Freedom – New citizens

Best of the three.  Takes the reader, headlong, into contemporary SciFi / Fantasy.  Reality, and time, are mutable.  What would you do if you could go anywhere in an instant?  Primary audience: SciFi / Fantasy readers and everyone who likes a good story.

Challenge: Conquered!

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Book Two