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BairnGefa – Available Now!

Posted in Carina Reality

The odds of Earth’s survival are fifty-fifty. Shoulder to shoulder the crew of the Jaguar stands first to defend those who cannot defend themselves. The Enlightened One, Corb, holds the key to Earth’s survival.

The power of the Triad, Lucinda, Janish, and Corb is nothing when they discover naivety mixed with a large dose of guile is a recipe for a quick death.

They saved the clone species from extinction and returned self-determination to the known galaxy. To punish Corb, the admiral responsible for two genocidal campaigns has now turned his attention to Earth. Can the Triad stop the genocide of humanity?

With a target on their back, can Corb, with The Triad and the crew of the Jaguar stand against the mad man and save the Earth?


“Through a work of fiction, R. C. may have solved the mystery of alien visitation.” – Anonymous Alpha Reader

“Did you ever wonder what the gray and blue aliens are doing with the nighttime probing? Ducantlin may have the answer.” – L. Belanger