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The inspiration for the series of short stories came from the song The Guitar which was written by Guy Clark, Verlon Thompson, and nine guys from a guitar class.

Chronologically, the stories are: Fò Miranda, Envie, and Gris-Gris

To appreciate the story line, the stories were written in the order: Gris-Gris, Fò Miranda, and Envie.


Gris-Gris (Short Story: 41 pages)

Time Period: 1999 to Present Day

AJ’s mother refused to marry his father, Rand. A struggling musician who is never around, AJ barely knew his father. Ignoring his mother’s advice, all AJ wants to be is a musician. After college, his dream of being a musician takes a backseat to earning a living.

A backseat until his estranged father passes away.

The story opens with the reading of Rand LaLonde’s will and the awarding of his estate. In the lawyer’s overcrowded conference room, the good people of Southern Louisiana are shocked at what happens.

Fò Miranda (Short Story: 45 pages)

Time Period: 1910 through mid-1950s

Miranda is convinced she is going to be famous. She is going to be in the movies or fly aeroplanes. The War to end all Wars, the Spanish Flu, and Great Depression combine to destroy the dreams of adults and children. Ever the optimist, the twelve-year-old Miranda finds a way to famous.

Transitioning, through World War I and the Great Depression, the story closes with the LaLonde family housekeeper ensuring the precocious twelve-year old girl has a path to fame.

Envie (Short Story: 57 pages)

Time Period: mid-1950s through 1990s

Miranda is famous even if very few people know her name. She is not an actress in the movies, nor does she fly aeroplanes. Miranda is a Troubadour. Miranda plays the guitar and sings for audiences of a few and in front of thousands. Beau does not mind the recognition that comes with being Miranda’s conduit.

Beau LaLonde is the first to understand there is more to the guitar than a box with six strings. During the Great Depression, Beau and his wife Dot go on the road, playing for anyone who will pay. Dot becomes pregnant and returns to run the LaLonde family plantation: Fò Miranda. With Beau sending home his performance fees, Dot grows the LaLonde plantation through the Great Depression.

CHARACTERS (Primary, Chronologically)

Beauregard (B-E) Earl Lalonde – Patriarch of the LaLonde clan

Beauregard (Beau) Simon LaLonde – Eldest brother to Miranda

Earl Timothy LaLonde – Older bother to Miranda

Miranda Elaina LaLonde – Youngest child of B-E

Albertine (Albee) Beaudry – LaLonde family housekeeper

Dorothy (Dot) Madelyn LaLonde neé Rankin – Beau’s wife

Ambrose Myron (Rand) LaLonde – Only son of Beau

Patricia (Pat) Marie Richard – Rand’s wife

Alex Martin (A-Mel) Lalonde – Rand’s first son

Elizabeth Catherine (EC) Willis – Rand’s muse

Alain Justin (AJ) LaLonde – Rand’s second son

Aubrey Marie Fontenot – AJ’s girlfriend