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This One Time…

Posted in Flash Fiction

Flash This One Time

Listen to me. Put that fish down. DO NOT hit him with that dead fish. Stop that horseshit and listen to me. I told you last week, the sandals were a bad idea. The grass is wet and so are your socks. Are you cold? Never mind. Why did you give Rupert your vest? Rupert, where is your shirt?

What is wrong with you two?

Lucinda says we can crash at her place. Before my phone died, she said she’d pick us up in a couple of hours. That was a while ago. She is probably waiting for us. Let’s head down the main gate. It is a long walk. We can say our goodbyes on our way down the hill.

Yes, we can pick up another beer along the way.

What? No, we can’t eat.

Why? Because you just ate, and I don’t want you puking in Lucinda’s car. Yes, we ate. You ate the menudo. You said it was not too spicy. Rupert ate the carne empanadas. He said they were too spicy. You ate the empanadas Rupert would not eat. You don’t remember?

How drunk are you?

No, the Quinceanera girl’s older sister did not give you her number. You probably had a better shot with mom. Yes, her father was pissed.

NO! We are not going back for her number.

Rupert, keep up.

Yes, this was good times.

No, I am not sorry we came to the wrong festival.

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Written: March 19, 2020
Words: 242