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Spider Power

Posted in Flash Fiction

Flash Spider Power

No, Ralphie, they are not going to install a new power grid.

Marcus, they keep talking about putting the power grid underground. They say running the power lines underground is safer and they do not get torn down in storms. I think they should spend the money and make the power grid safer and more reliable.

Do you know how much that will cost? The city and county don’t have the money. The feds only give money when there is a natural disaster. Ralphie, you need to accept the facts. There is no money for protective planning or preventive maintenance.

Yeah, I know, but this neighborhood has been without power for almost two weeks. Somebody needs to do something so people are not desperate.

Speaking of preventive maintenance, your tires are looking a little threadbare. Did you get the oil change?

No, I think the oil change is scheduled for next week. But with all these downed lines, it will have to be rescheduled. The need to do something to make the power distribution safer and more reliable.

Ralphie boy, we are not going to change the world. But we can make Terrence change his pants. Watch this.

No, Marcus, not again.

HAHAHAHA, did you see that?

Yes, Marcus, I saw it.

Now you do yours. Bounce your bucket.

No, Marcus, I am not going to drop my bucket just to make you laugh. Last time I did that, Jeremy had to take sick leave.

Yeah, that was good. Jeremey doesn’t really like being up in the bucket. Hey, after this, do you think they will let us work together again?

I don’t know Ralph. It is not often when they need two bucket lifts to repair one location.

Written: March 19, 2020
Words: 282

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