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Andi Drinks Tequila

Posted in Flash Fiction

Flash Andi Drinks

No, you first.

No, you first.

But it smells bad. It smells like rotten socks.

I think it is supposed to smell like that.

Are you sure this is how it is done?

Yeah. I saw Marta do it once.

Marta, your housekeeper? You did? When?

When she brought that guy Marco home. They poured it into these little glasses.

You mean the shot glasses?

The what?

They are called shot glasses.

Whatever. Marco said they had to drink it in one go then bite a lime.

We don’t have any limes.

I don’t think we need them.

Is that the right amount?

I think so, that is what I saw Marco pour.

Are you sure it was this much?

Yes. Maybe a little less. No, this is right.

You first.

We will do it together.

Okay, but mine has more. Let’s make them even.

There, they are even now.

I spilled some on my fingers. It feels cold. Is it supposed to do that?

I think so. Hold up, let me check something on my phone.

Okay, it says here how to do it. You need one shot, a lemon or lime wedge, and salt.


Yeah, it says, shoot the shot, bite the lime, then lick the salt.

Lick the salt? Yuck.

That is what I says.

I dunno. We have salt.

Okay, how about this…

Was that a door?

No, you are hearing things. Are we going to do this or not?

Okay, lick you hand by your thumb, let me pour salt on the wet part.

Here we go.

Ready? One, Two…


Mom! Uh… We… Were…

Hi Andi.

Hello Janice. You were about to shoot a couple of Tequilas. From what I see, you have no idea what you are doing.

Well, um… no.

Kelly, Janice you two are two peas in a pod. How the hell did you two get to be Juniors in College and never did shots? When I was in college… Here, let me get a glass, I’ll show you.

Written: March 22, 2020
Words: 342

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