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Family Dinner

Posted in Flash Fiction

Flash Family Dinner

Joannie, the dinner looks terrific.

Thank you, Sis.

Tell me what everything is.

Okay, these are a flat bread, like a Naan, with butter, garlic, and rosemary. That is fettuccini with parmesan. This is sweet pickled cabbage. Orange chicken which is spicy. Pickled beets. That is fried rice.

Is that real food from your home?

Well, no. In Taiwan, we eat a lot of things you would not like. A lot of things are too spicy. I made food for you, and Mark, and Peter.

Yeah, about Peter. What’s the deal?

There is no deal.

Yes, there is.

Mark, will you run down the CVS and pick up some Imodium for Peter?

Uh, sure, let me get my keys.

Okay, Joannie, Peter is in the bathroom and won’t come out. Mark is off pickup some medication. Are you going to tell me what is going on?

Peter slept with that slut Gina.

What! Are you sure?

Yes, I caught them, and he admitted it.

When? How? Joannie, tell me everything.

They were working on the paper, the one they were going to submit to the NIH. Peter kept staying at work later and later. I drove to the office and he was not there. I drove to her apartment. Did you know, she’s had a boob job?

Wow. How did he react?

He cried.


Like a baby.

Joannie, I am sorry. You are taking it well. Why are you grinning.

Peter will be in the can for a few more hours.

What? What do you do?

A powered laxative.

He deserved it. How did you do it?

It was in the Sangria. Real men drink beer.

Written: March 22, 2020
Words: 278

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