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Bro Talk

Posted in Flash Fiction

Flash Bro Talk

I told you, Tucker, I am not drunk.

Yes, Karl you are drunk.

Why did Clancy’s kick us out?

Because you are drunk.

I’m not drunk, your drunk. What about those girls?

What about them?

They were hot for us. Why did we leave?

They were not hot for us. They were being nice.

Yes, they were being nice because they were hot for us.

They were being nice… I love you man.

I love you too.

Is this the right way?

You are asking me? See drunk. Tucker, how many times have we been down this path?

I dunno, smart guy, how many times?

Too many. I think we took a wrong turn.

Wrong turn? Oh. Yeah, we need to go back.

We can’t go back.

Why not.

The Trooper is on the side road.

What side … belch … that tasted bad.

Old Pearson road. I think he is waiting for us.


He is short on his quota.

Troopers don’t have quotas.

Whatever, he is looking to give tickets.

We are taking the long way home.

Seems the reasonable thing to do.

Urp… Man your breath stinks.

Check again, that cloud emanating from you kills flies.

HAHAHAHA – Kills flies. Good one.

Rub my ear.

Rub your ear?

Yes, there’s a tick just dropped on my ear. Get it off. Just breath on it, that will kill it.

That filly was sweet.

Yes, and the mare was nice too.

Written: March 23, 2020
Words: 241

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