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Our Job is Done

Posted in Flash Fiction

Flash Our Job is Done

Be quiet Rendle, it is nap time.

Don’t you think we did good today?

Yes, we did good but now I am tired.

Dee-O-Gee, I can’t sleep. I want to go back.

Rendle, we can’t go back right now.

Why not?

Because it is nap time.

Why does it always have to be nap time?

Because it does. Now, would you stop talking, please?

No, Dee-O-Gee, I think we should go back. Why did we stop. We were having fun.

Rendle, you know it is the bad knee.

Bad knee?

Yes, the bad knee. When the weather turns, or is about to turn, cold the knee starts to go wonky.

But it is warm outside. It is nice today.

Rendle, the weather is changing. Now go to sleep.

Okay, what about this. We DON’T go outside. We stay inside. Staying inside won’t bother the knee. You know you like it when we tug on the rope. That new fat rope is cool. Oh, and that red rubber bowtie thing. That thing is way cool. We can get that out from under the sofa. OH! OH! We can get the orange squishy thing too. No more tennis balls. Those things make my tongue dry.

What are you talking about, dry tongue? Have you seen your drool?

Come on Dee-O-Gee, let’s go back. I am not tired. You can watch. I’ll do the heavy lifting.

Heavy lifting?

Yeah, it is our job. Wagging tails. Happy Happy, Joy Joy. That’s us. You know you love it. Let’s go back and have some fun.

No, it is nap time, and back up a little bit.

Back up? Why.

Because you have been eating poop again.

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Written: March 23, 2020
Words: 281