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Flash Attitude

But he ate the chair?

Honey, I know, but look at it this way… We needed a new chair.

Needed a new chair? There was nothing wrong with the old chair. He ATE the chair! Are you forgetting the carpet? I had to throw it out. Oh, and the door bumpers? Did he pass the rubber knobs? Did you check?


Of course, NO. BECAUSE THAT IS GROSS. You wanted this dog and I am doing all the work.

That is not true. I walk and feed him.

Oh yeah, sure, the easy stuff. If I step in a mess ONE MORE TIME…

Come on, that was one time and it was dark.

I had to pee, and the pile was huge. While you snored away, I had to take a shower at o-dark-thirty after cleaning up the pile.

Is that why the wet cloth was on the carpet?

What did you think it was?

I don’t know… I thought maybe you dropped it or something.

Why is he always giving me the stink eye?

Dogs can sense emotion. I read an article, they did a study that proved dogs read and react to the emotions on your face.

Yeah, what is my face saying right now?


Don’t honey me. You start helping or he goes.

You don’t mean that. Check this out.

Great, you think sunglasses is funny? Look at him. Look! Look at his attitude. He’s pissed because you are making him look silly. That’s just great, now he’s going to eat the couch or something.

I got it. I will help more. Come on, Dee-Oh-Gee, let’s take a walk before Marcus gets all wobbly.

Janice, helping is more than walks and feedings!

Written: March 30, 2020
Words: 286

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