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Ancient Aliens

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Flash Ancient Aliens

My mother told me coming here was a bad idea. But, no… You said it would be romantic. Italy! Venice! A free apartment. A good stipend. You get to do the research you have always wanted to do. Woo F$ning Hoo!

Larry, are you listening to me?

Of course, I am listening. What are you trying to say today that is different from yesterday?

Different? What is wrong with you? It is NOT different. It is the same. You said and I quote: “We will be able to tour Italy while I do my research.” Tour Italy? All we tour is this crappy little apartment. We have not been out in months. To the market and back. Every day the same thing. And, it stinks here. Larry, you need to stop and talk to me.


Yes, turn off the television.


NO. STOP! No more Ancient Aliens. That is NOT research. Research is getting out of this apartment and reading old books. Digging in fields. Finding history. Larry, archaeology is NOT watching Ancient Aliens.

Okay… Maybe I should tell you what I found in the archives…

Archives? You have not been to the archives in months. What are you talking about?

Yes, correct. The third week we where here, I went down to the cellar, to the archives, and found the old manuscripts.

Yes, I remember. So, what?

Everyone thinks Venice was founded on the island because of the fire hazard from the glass making. That is partially true. But Miriam… I have proof.

Proof of what?

Venice was built here because of the legend.

Legends are not proof.

This one might be proof. Miriam, the glass making was moved to Venice because the large number of hearths kept the passageway sealed.


You have to keep an open mind.

Here it comes…

Miriam, the hearths for the glass making where put here to keep the Gigantesse locked in their home world.

Gigantesse? Are you saying you believe Venice was constructed to block a passage from… an underworld full of female giants?


Larry, the hearths are almost all gone. Where are the Gigantesse?

That is what I am trying to find out before it is too late.

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Written: March 30, 2020
Words: 369