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The Shrew

Posted in Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction Couple

She is a shrew.

She thinks I don’t know what she is doing. But I know everything about her, her family problems, and her nasty little habits.

She thinks I don’t know she hired this jamoke to follow me. He’s a moron. He took my bribe. Every dumb detective is bribable. She will never get the true story from him.

Look at her.

Nasty little shrew.

The A-Train will take us to Idlewild Airport. Then a jet to British Honduras. She thinks it is just another business trip. The plantations will make us rich. We have it all planned. That shrew will end up with nothing but that dingy little apartment, her family’s stipend, her lovers, and her memories of being mean and nasty.

I will take care of him. He will be happy. I will be happy. We will be happy.

We deserve to be happy.

He doesn’t need her family’s money. We don’t need her money. She can keep the damn money. We will make more from the wood harvests.

The lawyers are processing the paperwork to close the business here. Too bad he has to give half to the shrew.

We will live like royalty. We have enough. My money, the money from the sale of the business, and the little money he has saved, will buy a nice little home in the Honduran hills.

She thinks she is so smart. She thinks her family’s money entitles her to be abusive and mean. She is about to learn some hard lessons.


Look here.

What is it hon?

It is an obituary, in the Times. She died.

Who died?

My wife.

What? She died? How?

It says suddenly which is their way of saying suicide.

Suicide? Are you sure?

I think so. Let me make a call.


The lawyer says it is true. She threw herself out of the widow.

Oh no! Twenty-eight floors. Why?

Her family found out about her lovers and the constant parties. Apparently, she threw a party that was so indecent it made the papers. They cut off her money. I guess being mean and not someone who makes the family proud is the line to far.

What does this mean for us?


Yes, us? What does this mean for us?

I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that.

Written: April 9, 2020

Words: 389

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