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Time to Emergence

Aðalborinn: An adjective of Icelandic origin.
From the words Aðall which is “nobility”
in English,
and Borinn which is “birth.”

The title is pronounced: Ale-Bore-In.

Aalborinn: Of Noble Birth

A young human girl understands she possesses remarkable abilities.

When her father does not return from a daring mission to save the Earth, she uses her inherited gifts to convince adults he will return.

Linked through a psychic connection, Bonnie is the only one who knows he’s alive and that he is in trouble.

The Plentari, an ancient race of alien warriors, believed her father would save them from extinction. When his absence thrusts his young daughter into the spotlight, the Plentari make an offer. To help their cause, they offer Bonnie a stunning gift: Admission into their elite Warrior Academy.

Most warriors do not survive the training, but Bonnie knows if she does not do everything in her power to endure, billions will die. She has seen her destiny.

With challenge after challenge set before her, she must find the discipline and strength to harness her growing abilities.

Plentari Warriors Are Women. Fierce, Strong, Loyal, And Feared Across The Galaxy. Can A Human Girl Survive Training? If she doesn’t, the world as she knows it will disappear, and the galaxy will fall to a violent, invading force of slavers.

Can Bonnie become the legendary warrior the prophecies claim? Or will she be the downfall of an entire civilization?

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