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Aalborinn – FAQs

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Who are the Ajawlil?

The A-jaw-lil are a race of warrior clones fealty bound to The Redeemer.

Who are the Ch’en?

The Cha-en are the inhabitants of K’an (K-awn), the closest planet to Earth. Linked via an interstellar conduit and are the first aliens contacted by Corb.

Who is Corb?

Corb Levi Johnson is the first person to exhibit the new powers. Originally, a teenager from dusty west Texas with a cold, Corb became the most powerful of the Summitate empower humans.

Corb is father to: Georgina Levi Wilbon, who everyone calls “Bonnie.”

What is Landry?

Landry is designated as an artificial person permanently assigned to the Dugr.

Who are the Plentari?

The Plen-tar-ee are a matriarchal society. On the brink of extinction, the society was saved by interbreeding with humans.

What is Q’eqchi?

Kek-chee is the TC3’s alternate command center under a former strip mine in Smokey Mountains of West Virginia.

What is Rýma?

Rye-ma The hidden planet and the home of the original overlords: The First.

Who are the Summitate and what are their powers?

The Su-mi-tah-te were created as a side effect when Coldstar, a cure for the common cold and flu. Originally, a genocidal agent, the new drug, inadvertently created a faction of metaphysically endowed humans. Three new abilities emerged:

  • Summitate Potentia: Possess the power to move objects with a form of telekinesis.
  • Summitate Medicina-Aspicios: Have both the ability to heal wounds and to perform a form of remote viewing.
  • Summitate Rationalis: Enjoy increased mental abilities. The gift of Summitate Rationalis improves the ability to think in a coherent approach, with superior cognition, and at a remarkable speed.

Who are the Xjaal?

The Xha-awl are a race of clones designed to perform galactic administration. Devious and cunning, their cloning factories were destroyed by Corb.

What is Xunantunich?

A Mayan temple in the Belize highlands, Xhu-nan-tu-nich is Earth’s terminus for the interstellar conduit to K’an.