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Recent Flash Fiction

“You can’t stop the waves, 
but you can learn to surf.”
Joseph Goldstein

My name is Melvin Jacobi Waddell. Everyone calls me Icky. Icky Waddles. Mother says when she brought me home from the hospital my older sister Lillian could not say Jacobi. She said Icky. Lillian couldn’t say the Jay in Jacobi.

Mother is being nice.

Lillian tells me I am icky.

The kids at school call me Waddles. You know, like a duck. You would think they do that because of my last name but that is not true. They call me Waddles because my left foot does not work too well.

When I walk, I kind of waddle side to side.

The kids used to be mean to me but not so much now. When we got to middle school, everyone started being nice. In middle school, there are several kids who are like me. In elementary school, I was the only one like me.

My friend Max never calls me Icky. He calls me Jac. I like Jac. Max and I used to hang out more. When we played video games, Max would use just his right hand on account of my left hand. My left hand does not work too well.

But now, Max being older, we don’t hang so much. Ever since he found the Orb, we don’t hang. He also spends a lot more time with his friend Jamie. She is pretty and real smart. Lillian and Jamie are in the same grade. Lillian says Jamie is trash. Lillian thinks because when our dad died, and mom got a lot of money, we changed. Lillian thinks money makes us better. Lillian is a snob and she is mean.

No one likes Lillian.

Everyone likes Max and Jamie. They are kind and smart.

When Max found the Orb, he told me some things. Some things he saw in the Orb. Maybe he saw them in his head. I do not know for sure how he knows things, but he knows.

Max told me that in middle school I would be a hero, and everyone would be my friend. Yeah, right, people like me are not heroes.

But Max was right, people like me can be a hero.

If you want, I can tell you the story. It is kind of long and it will take some time. Sometimes I get tired and my left hand starts to tremor, and my words get kind of messy. But I can tell the story if you want.

Written: April 1, 2020
Words: 407

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But Ossipher, you got it all wrong.

You see, it is like this…

Me and Merle and Mickey and his little brother Jed all went down to the lake for some swimming.

Yeah, we wuz drinking but we weren’t drunk… No maam, not drunk.

Then Jed seen a thing in the water. But we cain’t rightly see what it is.

So, then we get Mickey down to his skivvies for the water part.

Yeah, we wuz drinking but we ain’t drunk. No, my breath is always bad. But anyway…

Mickey is in his skivvies and commences to diving on the thing, but we cain’t rightly see. Three, no, four, no three times, Mickey dives down but he don’t see nothin’ ‘cuz of the muddy water.

Merle says to me: Here, hold my beer.

So, I holds Merle’s beer while he gets down to his skivvies.

Jed is standing there shivering and goose-pimpled up when Merle calls him a pansy-puddle.

I dunno a few beers but that aint the point Ossipher. Like I wuz saying…

Merle’s in his skivvies and commences to diving on the thing we cain’t rightly see.

Merle commences to bobbing and hollering that it is a trunk with a lock. He tells Jed to get a hard stick and come help. Jed finds an old branch off a hickory tree. He gives it a good one time on a tree stump, so it snaps clean in half.

Jed carries the stick to Merle. He grabs holt the stick and tells Jeb to dive down with him and grab the latch. Merle is gonna jam the pointy end of the stick under the lock and break the latch.

It worked too. The lid pops open and these things start a floating.

Mickey and me start collecting them while Merle and Jed get out of the water.

Merle’s is all irate and yelling a Jed. Merle mashed his finger up good and recons Jed did it. Be we don’t know how Jed could have mashed Merle’s finger. Merle gone and mashed his own finger real bad.

What? No, it is not long. I am almost done. What? I dunno, how many cans did you count? That many? Well, no I did not drink them all. Where wuz I, oh yea, Merle and Jed bowing-up.

Jed’s got Merle down and is about to give him a beating because Jed is Mickey’s little brother, but he is one big sombitch.

Me and Mickey commence to hollering and sure ‘nough it works.

Jed stops pounding on Merle when he spies Mickey and me.

Jed stands up and starts to fetch one of the things from the trunk in the water that me and Mickey collected.

That’s when Merle knocked Jed cold with the hickory stick.

What? Yes, I called for the amboolance. Why? Because I sussed Jed was hurt good.

How many? How many what? Oh, those.

About eight or nine of the rubber masks commenced to floating when Merle and Jed broke open the trunk.

No, I was wearing the other one but, I picked this one for you, Ossipher.

I never dated a Statee, you’re kinda cute.

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Written: March 30, 2020
Words: 527

My mother told me coming here was a bad idea. But, no… You said it would be romantic. Italy! Venice! A free apartment. A good stipend. You get to do the research you have always wanted to do. Woo F$ning Hoo!

Larry, are you listening to me?

Of course, I am listening. What are you trying to say today that is different from yesterday?

Different? What is wrong with you? It is NOT different. It is the same. You said and I quote: “We will be able to tour Italy while I do my research.” Tour Italy? All we tour is this crappy little apartment. We have not been out in months. To the market and back. Every day the same thing. And, it stinks here. Larry, you need to stop and talk to me.


Yes, turn off the television.


NO. STOP! No more Ancient Aliens. That is NOT research. Research is getting out of this apartment and reading old books. Digging in fields. Finding history. Larry, archaeology is NOT watching Ancient Aliens.

Okay… Maybe I should tell you what I found in the archives…

Archives? You have not been to the archives in months. What are you talking about?

Yes, correct. The third week we where here, I went down to the cellar, to the archives, and found the old manuscripts.

Yes, I remember. So, what?

Everyone thinks Venice was founded on the island because of the fire hazard from the glass making. That is partially true. But Miriam… I have proof.

Proof of what?

Venice was built here because of the legend.

Legends are not proof.

This one might be proof. Miriam, the glass making was moved to Venice because the large number of hearths kept the passageway sealed.


You have to keep an open mind.

Here it comes…

Miriam, the hearths for the glass making where put here to keep the Gigantesse locked in their home world.

Gigantesse? Are you saying you believe Venice was constructed to block a passage from… an underworld full of female giants?


Larry, the hearths are almost all gone. Where are the Gigantesse?

That is what I am trying to find out before it is too late.

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Written: March 30, 2020
Words: 369

But he ate the chair?

Honey, I know, but look at it this way… We needed a new chair.

Needed a new chair? There was nothing wrong with the old chair. He ATE the chair! Are you forgetting the carpet? I had to throw it out. Oh, and the door bumpers? Did he pass the rubber knobs? Did you check?


Of course, NO. BECAUSE THAT IS GROSS. You wanted this dog and I am doing all the work.

That is not true. I walk and feed him.

Oh yeah, sure, the easy stuff. If I step in a mess ONE MORE TIME…

Come on, that was one time and it was dark.

I had to pee, and the pile was huge. While you snored away, I had to take a shower at o-dark-thirty after cleaning up the pile.

Is that why the wet cloth was on the carpet?

What did you think it was?

I don’t know… I thought maybe you dropped it or something.

Why is he always giving me the stink eye?

Dogs can sense emotion. I read an article, they did a study that proved dogs read and react to the emotions on your face.

Yeah, what is my face saying right now?


Don’t honey me. You start helping or he goes.

You don’t mean that. Check this out.

Great, you think sunglasses is funny? Look at him. Look! Look at his attitude. He’s pissed because you are making him look silly. That’s just great, now he’s going to eat the couch or something.

I got it. I will help more. Come on, Dee-Oh-Gee, let’s take a walk before Marcus gets all wobbly.

Janice, helping is more than walks and feedings!

Written: March 30, 2020
Words: 286

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Ten lessons in motivation from Admiral W. H. McRaven.


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About R. C.

Fortunately, in secondary school, my interest in reading was sparked. A close friend and an instructor who took an interest in a boy he later called ‘The rebel without a clue.’ were instrumental in learning the value of a good book. Both piqued my interest in reading.

My lifelong friend inspired me to read J.R.R. Tolkien, and I became addicted to the fantasy genre. The instructor required me to read exciting historical novels for academic credit. Frank Norris, Leon Uris, and Ken Follett are inspirations and fuel my love of history.

Born to a military family, it was logical that I follow the military tradition. However, after four years of “yes sirs” and scraping the wax off floors, I decided there must be more fun in a corporate career.

After thirty-plus years of work experience across the globe, the corporate career landed me in Colorado.

  • Summitate Series

    Where it all started.

  • Carina Series

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  • Aalborinn

    Is she strong enough to save everyone?

  • Adyin Trammell

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