June 14, 2020

The Reluctant First Series

Time to Emergence

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Confucius

Ten years. A decade. That is how long Earth has been at peace with the interstellar capable inhabitants in the place humans refer to as the Orion Spur of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Ten glorious years.

Of course, there was the occasional assassination attempt. Some want my friend Corb, The Redeemer, dead. Top of the enemies list are the Xjaal. But they will be gone soon. We destroyed their cloning factories, and the Ajawlil warrior clones ensure the destroyed Xjaal factories stay offline.

The Ajawlil enjoy their newfound power and authority. Their loyalty to The Redeemer has not wavered.

The Plentari are Earth’s closest allies, and they revere The Redeemer. He did, after all, save their species.

A warning to the reader, Plentari is an irregular word in English. Based on context, it is a noun that is singular or plural. Plentari is the name of a solar system, a planet, and the planet’s inhabitants.

The Ch’en are another story. Once powerful and influential, their repeated failed attempts to control The Redeemer have isolated the residents of K’an. They suffer from the imposed isolation and lack of trade. The coveted ‘harmony’ of the Ch’en society has been sorely tested under the unwritten galactic agreement to isolate the schemers and grifters.

There are other intelligent species with which humans have contact, but this story is not about those who chose to stand on the side and watch.

Aalborinn is a tale of being born not into a noble family but of being born with nobility.

Aalborinn is the story of Corb’s daughter, Bonnie.

The several FTL methods of transport are slow when compared to the Triad using the advanced slipstream. Using the Triad’s ability to push the Dugr into a parallel domain, the advanced slipstream becomes the trilateral domain. Not another reality or parallel dimension but not standard space.

The trilateral domain is unique.

Within the trilateral domain, the Dugr can travel faster than the quantum calculations say is possible. The Dugr’s design parameters are specific to travel using the Triad and the trilateral domain. 

It was Corb who found the interstellar portal and its connection to the planet K’an and the Ch’en people. It was the Ch’en who induced Earth’s technological leap into becoming an interstellar capable species.

Corb’s partner is Michelle Raye Wilbon. Michelle says her duties on Earth prevented her from joining the mission. The truth is, while Michelle loves Corb, she does not like space travel.

Together, they have one child, a daughter named Georgina Levi Wilbon. Everyone calls her Bonnie.


There Is one path to Becoming a Plentari Warrior: Survive tthe brutal training. 

Plentari Warriors are women. Fierce, strong, loyal, and feared across the galaxy.

Can a human girl become a Plentari Warrior?

Is She Aalborinn?

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