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Aydin Trammell


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Aydin Trammel 3D Covers

Imagine, a long-con deal goes badly, leading you to an insight into who you are as a person. How would you react if you learned your life had been carefully choreographed since childhood. Aydin, and his wife Allison, are part of a decades-long experiment run by their parents. An experiment designed to nurture children as intellectually superior, trained spies, and assassins.

Your past feeds your demons.

I conceived and wrote The Aydin Trammell Chronicles as a series of noir shorts. The stories quickly blossomed into a limited series. The story arc is a modern spy-thriller. Stylistically: The (British) Avengers meets The Wire,  meets The Americans, with a touch of Archer.

Aydin Matthew Trammell – Outwardly, Aydin is composed, intelligent, and an all-around good guy. His thoughts, however, are never far from the truth, and his rage is perpetually simmering.

“Dead people do that. They find ways to annoy you for days.”

Phil (LNU) – Phil’s southern charm masks a sharp mind and a willingness to pull the trigger. When required, usually to stay alive, Phil’s happy-go-lucky nature reverts to the special forces commando mentality that brought Aydin and him together.

Two weeks. We couldn’t make it two weeks without someone trying to kill us.”

Allison Beth Trammell neé Cole – Sharp, intelligent, loves Aydin and the life their parents created for the assassins/spies.

“I didn’t seduce him, but he thinks there is candy at the end of the game.”

Brandon (Pops) Michael Cole – Allison’s father is supposed to be retired.

“Let them all die.”

Set in Colorado, Aydin’s history comes at him from all angles. Fending off the threats takes him back to his missions in the desert and the sandy beaches of Aruba. But, with the truth slowly emerging, how can Aydin tie what he knows about himself to the reality of who is hunting him?

If you seek the truth, you may find your life is not what you expected.

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Happy, sad – doesn’t matter. That was then. This is now.

Aydin is tall, good-looking, wealthy, and lives an idyllic life with his gorgeous wife, Allison.

It is all a façade.

Fresh from SpecOps, they’re now freelance operatives, working for the highest bidder. Unfortunately, Allison wants out, and she needs Aydin to come with her – to escape to Colorado and the serenity they’ve always dreamed about. But before they can act, Aydin’s reckless past finally catches up with him; assassins determined to settle old scores have abducted Allison.

Growing up in The Program has made Aydin notoriously self-reliant and more than willing to pull the trigger, vowing to find Allison and kill those responsible is easy. Coming full circle with his memories won’t be.

Aydin and his sidekick Phil survive another attempt on their lives. Now they must uncover who, and why, someone wants Aydin dead.

Espionage, counterespionage, the opium trade, and high technologies are the reality. A family history of deceit adds to the nitty-gritties in Aydin’s search for the threat.

A long-con deal goes wrong, leading to his insight. Aydin and his estranged wife, Allison, are unwilling participants in a decade’s-long experiment.

Assassins hired to ensure Aydin and Allison’s past stays hidden never end. But, to stop the attempts on his life, is he willing to kill whoever they lure into the light? Can Aydin keep his family’s secret safe?

Aydin knows he can’t keep everyone alive.

Pops, Allison’s father, is happy to: “Let them all die.”

Phil is sure this is not the last mission: “Two weeks. We couldn’t make it two weeks without someone trying to kill us.”

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