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Aydin Trammell

Aydin Trammel 3D Covers

Aydin thought his SpecOps life was over when he returned from the desert with a plan.

From the author of Time is an Illusion comes a new suspenseful thriller, Shiny Lies.

There is money in software if you work hard and stay alive. Aydin’s plan didn’t include his wife, Allison, running a black-market operation.

Trained together since childhood as elite spies, each with the ability to kill without remorse, Aydin and Allison must decide where their loyalties lie, with The Program that raised them or with each other.

Everything he holds dear: His friendships, The Program that trained him, and above all, the woman he loves are targets.

He can’t keep everyone alive. 

Phil said it best: Two weeks. We couldn’t make it two weeks without someone trying to kill us.

Available in eBook and Paperback.

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Happy, sad – doesn’t matter. That was then. This is now.

Aydin is tall, good-looking, wealthy, and lives an idyllic life with his gorgeous wife, Allison.

It is all a façade.

Fresh from SpecOps, they’re now freelance operatives, working for the highest bidder. Unfortunately, Allison wants out, and she needs Aydin to come with her – to escape to Colorado and the serenity they’ve always dreamed about. But before they can act, Aydin’s reckless past finally catches up with him; assassins determined to settle old scores have abducted Allison.

Growing up in The Program has made Aydin notoriously self-reliant and more than willing to pull the trigger, vowing to find Allison and kill those responsible is easy. Coming full circle with his memories won’t be.