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After decades of searching, unable to find his prey, a demoralized vigilante discovers a way to track the people he hunts.

You cannot hide from your social media history.

Banamaðr finds the people who inflicted the pain and suffering he witnessed as a child. The complication of leaving a seventeen-year-old girl orphaned changes his thinking.

Some people do not deserve to take another breath. We expect our laws to protect us from those who are evil and vile. Law enforcement is constrained. Laws fail. Lawyers are too good at playing in the legal grey area. F’ing lawyers.”

ADVISORY: This book contains mature content, including explicit language, graphic situations, sexual references, and physical violence. This content may be difficult for some readers.

 FROM THE AUTHOR: Banamaðr was adapted from a limited-series screenplay. Remaining faithful to the story and the script’s visual cues creates an easy-flowing style for the reader.

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