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Beta Reader Request Form

Thank you for your interest in being a beta reader for my work.

Are you willing/able to read and review my upcoming thriller? If you want to read the story, will you leave an honest review/rating?

If you send me your feedback (I hope you will), please keep these points in mind.


  • Please say if it sucks and needs to be cut or rewritten. Don’t be afraid of offending me. I want to know if you read something and disagree with me. If you start to get bored and go to check the interwebs, or if you skip ahead. I want to know when you’re deeply engrossed with the story or when you want to tell a friend to read it. I want to know any extremes you felt after reading. Was it entertaining, Inspiring? Substandard? Tedious?

  • Pointing out confusing parts or passages requiring clarification, along with any questions you have, is REALLY helpful.

  • Let me know if you spot a problem with the writing and can find an easy way to fix it.

  • Don’t focus too much on grammatical errors unless they’re overt. I am looking for broad-stroke feedback that will help the reader.
Compliance notification: Submission via this contact form is voluntary.
A valid email address is required.
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