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Advance Copy – Beta Reader Request Form

Marble Grove - AudioBook Cover

Case ID: A-111
Name of Deceased: Marjory Ellen Mosen
Date of Report: 12-Apr-23
Cause of Death: Gunshot wound to the chest.
Place of Death: Glen Acres Nursing Home
Date of Death: 3-Apr-23
Time of Death: Est. 02:00-04:00
Investigator: Marcus Alvin Demchuk

Marjory Ellen Mosen was not the first and will not be the last.

Stage IV cancer victims are being killed inside their trusted care facilities. Because rural communities keep their secrets, even murders, no one knows a serial killer is active in the farmland utopia.

Carin Trimble is Marble Grove and Hemingway County’s newly promoted detective. Carin is skeptical when Al, a wanna-be detective, approaches her with a pattern in a series of deaths.

Convinced an active serial killer exists, the Nursing Home Murders are the young detective’s ticket out of the limbo of being a small-town detective.

Desperately searching for answers, Carin learns that no one in her community is who they seem.

Al says he knows who’s next on the killer’s list.

Can Carin trust the information from someone on the suspect list?

Fans of female detective mysteries will be captivated by this page-turning novel that combines pulse-pounding suspense, complex characters, and an unflinching look at the dark underbelly of a seemingly idyllic town.


Don’t miss out on the chilling twists and turns of this gripping crime novel. Pre-order your copy of Marble Grove – A Carin Trimble Mystery today!

Thank you for your interest in being an advanced copyreader.

Are you willing/able to read and review my upcoming thriller, and will you leave an honest review/rating?

To receive and advanced copy (limited availability),  send your information below (I hope you will), please keep these points in mind:


Is the story clear and easy to follow? Please say if it sucks and needs to be cut or rewritten. Don’t be afraid of offending me. I want to know if you read something and disagree with me. If you start to get bored and go to check the interwebs, or if you skip ahead. I want to know when you’re deeply engrossed with the story or when you want to tell a friend to read it. 

I want to know any extremes you felt after reading. Was it entertaining, Inspiring? Substandard? Tedious? Pointing out confusing parts or passages requiring clarification, along with any questions you have, is REALLY helpful.

Let me know if you spot a problem with the writing and can find an easy way to fix it.

Don’t focus too much on grammatical errors unless they’re overt. Instead, I am looking for broad-stroke feedback that will help the reader.

I will gladly pay for the return shipping if you mark up the paperback.

Compliance notification: Submission via this contact form is voluntary.
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