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Biomass 3D Covers

Biomass, a story ripped from today's headlines

The history of how humans became an interstellar species

The decision to fight is easy when the alternative is global extermination.

How do we fight an enemy who is us? We called them friends and family. We used to know them. I hope we have not waited too long.

My name is Nathan. My friends, the ones I have left,  call me NT. I never wanted any of this. But with the threat of billions of corpses piling up, they forced our hand.

I miss the old days. Life was good before the CEO of a pharmaceutical cooperation slid off the rails with wicked ambition.

At first, no one fully understood the new abilities.  When the new dissidents morphed into a formidable adversary, we learned of their cruel intent. Now we have no choice but to strike the enemy right where they live and make it painful.

Strike hard. It is our only chance. The burden of a future, the hope of humankind, has fallen on me.

Heaven, help us all.

Praise for Biomass

“Biomass is tense and twisting.” – Joshua G.

“Why read about it when it takes place before your eyes?” - Susan D.

“What the h$ll is this bull$.” – Beverly P.

“That’s exactly what’s going on.” – Melody H.

“Ducantlin predicted the pandemic!” – Anonymous

Available in eBook and Paperback.

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Dominion 3D Covers

Unlimited Power is the Ultimate Threat

It is a truth: People enjoy the gifts that come with being powerful. It is human nature to desire power.

Dominion - Book Two

Two years ago, Corb was trying to graduate High School, chasing girls, drinking beer, and toting bales. The timing of the free vaccine could not have been better. Corb’s mother toted him to the clinic, hoping for a shot to cure his severe case of the flu.

Now, he knows his new powers came wrapped in new responsibilities.

Credit to Corb. He waited with uncharacteristic patience. He knew his actions over the next few hours would alter his soul.

Undisciplined power is a dangerous thing.

It is over in under five minutes. It felt like hours to those assembled. For some of the witnesses, it is forty miles of bad road. For others, it is a trip to the light at the end of the tunnel. A few did not understand the significance of what transpired before their eyes.

Her beliefs shattered, she emitted guttural sounds of fear. Her expression unqualified horror and disbelief.

Who watches the watchers? What are the results when the watchers possess undisciplined power?

The strike team, my team, Corb, and my friends have orders to fix the problem. Taking out Vivian is the first step to fixing the mess the vaccine created.

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Connections 3D Covers

The Connection is the next step in humanity’s evolution.

Connections - Book Three

Corb and his team cannot allow Vivian to expand her new abilities. She must not be allowed to use the Connection.

What does humanity do with the new abilities? How can Corb and his small team use their unique skills to control the growing threats?

Einstein said: If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts. Through the Connection, humans learned our understanding of physics was rudimentary.

An old truth re-discovered: We are all Connected.

The team found passages in Mayan glyphs which hold the clue to understanding the new powers:

Let all who know the power also know happiness and thoughtfulness.

The calm of mind and spirit may return.

The ethos carved in stone kept the Mayan civilization stable for many centuries. Stable until humanity re-discovered the power of the human mind.

The revelation of a new truth: With the Connection, telekinesis and teleportation are possible.

Vivian is expanding her Connection.

Is Corb willing to sacrifice those he loves to save humanity?

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