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Carina Series

Time is an Illusion 3D Covers

The Story of Human Survival as an Interstellar Species

The decision to fight is easy when the alternative is global extermination.

Time is an Illusion

Carina Series - Book One

In a universe of infinite possibilities, the side-effects of the evil attempt to reduce the Earth’s population are remarkable.

The new abilities lead to Humanity’s understanding of our place in the galaxy.

Late to the interstellar game of survival, humans need an edge. The governments and corporations not trying to steal the new technologies are forced to negotiate.

Can a few humans, with powerful new powers, save Earth?

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A Calm Mind 3D Covers

A Calm Mind

Carina Series – Book Two

Our Place 3D Covers

Our Place

Carina Series – Book Three

BairnGefa 3D Covers


Carina Series – Book Four

Ho' Ma' Utz - Evil Times Fives 3D Covers

Ho’ Ma’ Utz

Carina Series – Book Five

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