June 1, 2020

Carina Series

Time is an Illusion

Six years ago, Corb Levi Johnson learned he could make interstellar travel possible. 

The kind of space travel that requires days or weeks instead of months or years.

It was the Mayan Shaman who led him to the Others.

The Others cut a deal with Corb for the knowledge and ability to turn interstellar travel into a reality.

Corb agreed to pay the Others’ price.

Working with his team to complete the spaceship’s construction, he runs into overwhelming interference.

To control Corb, his team, and the new technologies, governments sanction acts of espionage and kidnapping. to gain control.

A religious sect will do whatever it takes to ensure humanity remains isolated.

With threats from all sides, events start to spin out of control. 

Corb decides to cut a new deal. 

A new deal with the Others represents his best chance to return sanity to Earth. .

What will the Others demand of him this time?

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A Calm Mind 

Corb understands the consequences of recklessness. 

Earth’s Governments and the Core Systems want to control him, his team, and the new spacecraft. 

The threats of assassination are ever present.

The perils from the unknown new worlds are the overwhelming focus.

The crew learns they no longer play by the societal norms they learned on Earth. The imperative is to adapt to the alien cultures.  

Human value systems are a detriment when visiting new civilizations.

When the crew begins to spiral out of control, Corb becomes more relaxed.  The more chaos and uncertainty, the more relaxed and calm he becomes. Corb knows he and his team have two advantages.

An ability to control space and time is their greatest strength. 

A willingness to kill, when necessary, is part of their ethos.

Corb and crew learn the gift of the interstellar travel was a setup to draw him to the Core. 

Who are they? What do they want? Why are pulling Corb to the Core? 

 What is the price for the truth?

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Our Place

Interstellar space travel is not a piece of cake.  The reality of interstellar travel is weeks of boredom interrupted by seconds of intense terror.  

Ask me, I know.  I am NT, the maintenance chief on the reconnaissance class scout ship the Jaguar

It takes weeks to travel across the galaxy, even using the super-speedy star portals. The star portals and the slower hyper-tunnels have fixed entry and exit emergence points. Oddly, we’ve never found anyone with good intentions waiting for us to emerge.

Someone always seems to be waiting for us to emerge.  

Our ship, the Jaguar, is a gift.  The ship was a bribe to draw the Enlightened One to the middle of nowhere.   My friend, Corb Johnson, the Enlightened One, consented to the bribe.

The Jaguar’s crew is hellbent on protecting Corb and finding who or what is manipulating us. 

A tight ship, the Jaguar is crewed by a tough bunch of ex-military types and a few not-so-tough eggheads.  Our chances of surviving the journey is middling to non-existent.  

If we survive, we might learn who has been collecting profits from controlling dozens of sentient races.

Or, we might get blown into a bazillion atoms.

Our muse, Michelle, summed up our apprehension about the possibilities of our mission: “Something incredibly wonderful or astoundingly tragic.  Either way, it won’t be dull.”

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The odds of Earth’s survival are fifty-fifty.

The crew of the Jaguar stands first to defend those who cannot defend themselves. The Enlightened One, Corb, holds the key to Earth’s survival.

The extraordinary abilities of Cord and the Triad are nothing when they discover naivety mixed with a large dose of guile is a recipe for a quick death.

The crew of the Jaguar saved the clone species from extinction and returned self-determination to the known galaxy. To punish Corb, the admiral responsible for two genocidal campaigns has now turned his attention to Earth. 

Can the Triad and the crew of the Jaguar stand against the mad man and save the Earth?

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Ho’ Ma’ Utz

Evil Times Five

“Humans are petty and juvenile until they are not. When they are not, they do the right thing.” – Andi Atgeirr 

The Redeemer and the Dugr are capable of many wonderous things.” – Jirmina, Plentari Warrior and Emissary to Earth

The AI analysis of the mission profile calculated the mission success at just under fifty percent. The crew of the Dugr thought fifty percent was generous.

How do you fight an opponent who is not corporeal? How do fight an opponent how has controlled hundreds of worlds for thousands of years. how to fight an opponent who can move planets?

It was Nick who had the answer.

“That’s what I like about our Texas Cowboy. There’s never any BS. We are running forward, eyes closed, going to get a whole lot of dead but, what the heck, we will figure it out.”

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