Quotes and References

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Good Music!

Gris-Gris and Fò Miranda have led to something interesting. People are asking me who I listen to that is “new and fresh”. Okay, they don’t say “new and fresh”, they ask who I like. Here is someone I came across a few months ago. She might be going places… Karen Waldrup

An Interesting Month

I’m back! From the last post to this post I have been to Ft Worth Texas, London England, and Tokyo Japan. Sadly, paying the bills has precedent over writing. Progress on Libertas has been mostly a mental exercise. I will answer a couple of questions I received, several times, over the past few weeks. First,[…]

It’s not me. Really.

Many people who know me, and read Verum, said “I hear you in NT”.  That was not my intent but I can see how they came to that conclusion. In reading about what “makes” an author, I learned the phrase: Write what you know. So, I wrote Verum.  I am interested in your thoughts. Ruairí