Site Hosting Issues

Apologies to everyone but my hosting company is experiencing performance issues. They have, apparently, overloaded their old servers and are not able to support the throughput demands. I will be migrating to a better preforming hosting server over the next couple of days.

Something Interesting for a Tuesday

[siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Media_Image”][/siteorigin_widget] The Fantasy Writers Reddit posted a contest:  “…As usual, your challenge is to write a story (or vignette/manuscript excerpt) of three hundred words or fewer inspired by today’s image.  This week’s image comes from Il Corvaccio on Flickr…” Humbly, this is my submission. The Tontine “Eggs and oaths are easily broken.” – Danish[…]

I received a challenge.

Friends, I received an interesting request.  “How would you to describe your books, and their audience, in under fifty words?  Be honest.”   Challenge accepted! Book One Verum – Exercitum ex nihilo. / Truth – An Army from nothing Be patient, hang in, the story builds on the minutiae.  The character, NT, is secondary, truly reprehensible characters[…]