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Cold Star

The History Of How Humans Became An Interstellar Species


The Carina Reality

Biomass 3D Cover

“The decision to fight is easy when the alternative is extinction.” –  N. T. Brooks

NT is a struggling writer who uncovered a shocking plan. The objective: Planetary equilibrium using
a cure for influenza to kill seven billion people.

The counter-terrorism strike team assigned to stop the extermination determined NT was
a pest far too nosy for his safety. They couldn’t kill him, so they recruited
the nuisance.

Unable to stop the distribution of the miracle drug, the strike team struggles to
minimize the slaughter and understand the unintended consequences of trying to
end billions.

No one anticipated the annihilation plan leading to an evolution in the human
condition and re-awakened human abilities.

Across cultures, history is filled with stories of the human consciousness
transcending time and space. Our ability to use our minds to connect across
space-time had atrophied. The newfound powers set unimaginable events into

Eliminate everything impossible, then ask: What is left? The truth is in the remainder. How
did humanity become an interstellar species? It began with a planned genocide
that opened our minds.

NT was there to write it all down.

Comments and praise for Cold Star

Coldstar is ripped from today’s headlines. A thinking reader’s sci-fi thriller. Ducantlin has done it, maybe. ColdStar may prove the Ancient Alien Theorists are correct.

“Not your everyday sci-fi thriller. The payoff is deep. Wow. What a payoff!” – Beta Reader

“Coldstar is tense and twisting.” – Josh G.

“What the h$ll is this bull$.” – Bev P.

“That’s exactly what’s going on.” – Mel H.

“Spy Thriller? Check. Sci-Fi Adventure. Check. Reality twisting. Check.” – Anonymous

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