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Fourth Street Blues

Fourth Street Blues 3D Cover - A Poker Primer

Fourth Street Blues

High-Stakes Texas Hold 'em in a Digital World

Fourth Street Blues is a first-person account of sitting at a poker table for a few hours. It is the story of hands played and the characters behind the strategies. No whining about bad beats. No bragging about drawing out the one card needed for the pot. Just a few dozen tips for playing sound, hand-dealt poker.

Meet the Players: 

Dook – Will he ever shut up?
Hipster – A pinky ring?
Crusty Old Dude – Enough said.
Red Nails – What a singing voice.
Greenhair – A fashion faux pax.
The Narrator – Observer of mundane.

Cameo Appearances from:

College Boy One – Too snide by half.
College Boy Two – Too lazy by half.
Blonde Bouffant – Too much by half.
Oxford Shirt – Too button-down.
Man Bun – Too many exposed muscles.
Cowboy aka Dipster – Too few brain cells.
Shy Boy – Too young by half.

Did you know:

You do not have to memorize hundreds of rules to understand probability and odds.
You will win hands with both aggressive and passive playing techniques.
You can use common principles to win poker decisions regardless of the table stakes.
Understanding post-flop Fundamentals will win more pots.
Money-making post-flop action and solid continuation betting will result in larger profits.
You can hold your own against world-class opponents without fear of being bluffed into oblivion.

Purchasing this book today is the first step in evolving your poker game!

A few snippets of what people are saying about Fourth Street Blues.

“Ducantlin’s story is full of surprising poker tips and ideas you probably thought would never work.”

“I think I have played against most of the characters at the table.”

“Fourth Street Blues is an example of why poker is not a mystery but is impossible to solve.”


An Excerpt

Big Pair

My least favorite pocket pair. Too many hands beat these bad boys. I would rather have Dimes. Two Tens have more possibilities. There is no way to make a straight without a Ten or a Five. What is the rule?


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