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Miranda Everlasting is a collection of three short stories: Fò Miranda, Envie, and Gris-Gris.

Fò Miranda (Timeframe: 1915-1950s)

She is going to be in the movies and fly aeroplanes. The LaLonde plantation survives the war to end all wars, the flu of 1918, and the great depression. The dreams of children are destroyed. Albee helps Miranda becomes famous.

Envie (Timeframe: 1950s-1990s)

Miranda became famous even though very few people know her name.
She is a troubadour.
Miranda plays the guitar and sings.
Miranda lives on in the music her brother Beau plays.

Gris-Gris (Timeframe: 1990s-2010s)

A Gris-Gris (gree-gree) is a talisman, an amulet, a voodoo charm, a spell, or magic used in warding off evil and bringing good luck to oneself or bestowing misfortune on another. Rand understands he must carry the burden of the LaLonde family legacy. Rand’s great aunt Miranda ensures the legacy continues.

Maddie has her dream job. She leads a team whose goal is to translate ancient languages. The powerful software she created does what humans could not. Maddie’s Artificial Intelligence works perfectly, decrypting and interpreting primitive texts.

A self-proclaimed realist, Maddie never thought much about the AI destroying man theories until her AI found the hidden cryptic and unlocked the cipher.

Now she must face the machine she created.
How many will die if she can’t stop it

Destinies are not set in stone. The price to modify your future might change everything.

Max only wants two things: leave the dying mill town and take Jamie with him.

Max finds the crystalline Orb at the bottom of a pond. He found his golden ticket out of town.

The Orb breaks Max’s heart. He vows to make sure the events he sees never come to pass.

How much pain can one boy endure to save the one he loves?

Would it be enough to protect her?

Will altering the future come at a cost too high for him to pay?

The Aydin Trammell Chronicles

Imagine, a long-con deal goes badly, leading you to an insight into who you are as a person. How would you react if you learned your life had been carefully choreographed since childhood. Aydin, and his wife Allison, are part of a decades-long experiment run by their parents. An experiment designed to nurture children as intellectually superior, trained spies, and assassins.

Your past feeds your demons.

Icky Waddles is a short story about friendship, overcoming adversity, with a touch of fantasy. I think you will find Icky Waddles a quick, easy read, with some humor, a little pride in growing strength, and a few surprises.

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