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Join Miranda on her journey to become famous. The young woman is going to be in the movies and fly aeroplanes. Miranda Everlasting is an incredible journey of soaring to fame and the cost of heartache.

Destined for greatness, can the LaLonde family survive the pain of greatness?

Don’t miss out on the magic and the story of learning to accept that which is a new understanding.


“Miranda Marie LaLonde loved the pond and bayou that fed her pond. The smelly water. The mosquitos. The constant cacophony of bird calls. She always avoided the cottonmouth and copperhead snakes, but the alligators did not bother her. The gazebo was her sanctuary down to the other side of the fishing pond.”

Praise for Miranda Everlasting

“Excellent characters! Great read.” – Mike

“The language allowed me to clearly visualize the Southern setting and feel for the struggling family dynamics throughout… you’ll really dig this story. Would recommend!” – Lizzie

“A fascinating story of what is possible. Maybe.” – Beta Reader

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Aydin and his sidekick Phil survive another attempt on their lives — now they must uncover who, and why, someone wants Aydin dead. Espionage, counterespionage and advanced technology are the reality. A family history of deceit adds to the nitty-gritties in Aydin’s search for the threat. A long-con deal goes wrong, leading to his insight.


“People are shooting at me because they think I created the next level of artificial intelligence.”


Aydin learns that he and his estranged wife, Allison, are unwilling participants in a decade’s-long experiment. Assassins hired to take the technology, and ensure Aydin and Allison’s past stays hidden, never stop coming. Can Aydin keep his AI out of enemy hands and his family’s secret safe?

“Level Three Security Protocol is enabled: Voice authentication, retina scan, and DNA validation.”

“Thank you.”

“My pleasure.”

“DNA? On-demand? How the hell will she, your AI, do that?”

“That, Phil, is something you do not want to know. On-demand DNA is the Holy Grail of security authentication.”


Aydin knows he can’t keep everyone alive. Allison’s father, Pops is happy to: Let them all die.

Phil is sure this is not the last mission: Two weeks. We couldn’t make it two weeks without someone trying to kill us.

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Destinies are not set in stone. The price to modify your future might change everything.

Max only wants two things: leave the dying mill town and take Jamie with him.

Max finds the crystalline Orb at the bottom of a pond. He found his golden ticket out of town.

The Orb breaks Max’s heart. He vows to make sure the events he sees never come to pass.

How much pain can one boy endure to save the one he loves?

Would it be enough to protect her?

Will altering the future come at a cost too high for him to pay?

Icky Waddles is a short story about friendship, overcoming adversity, with a touch of fantasy. I think you will find Icky Waddles a quick, easy read, with some humor, a little pride in growing strength, and a few surprises.

A Collection of Short Stories

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