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Gossamer Crystals

Gossamer Crystals 3D Cover


Gossamer Crystals

It is 147 years after the end of the ethereal slavers. The new crew is pushed into a mission of survival. The captain thinks the assignment is a reward for working hard. He finds some gifts that come with pain and fear.

An Excerpt

“They were not slavers, not exactly.”

“No, Michelle, the Megs were harvesters. They reaped souls, female souls, for food. Everyone knows that. The guy on broadcasts with funny hair talks about it all the time. What I want to know is: Why do you think the mist we saw was something else and not what your mother and the others faced and killed?”

“I am not going to talk about this anymore.”

“You have nanobots? I thought they were restricted?”

“JL, who is my mother?”

“They came from her. You’ve had them since birth.”

“Yes. I chose to augment the bots with Gen-5 when I was twenty.”

“Why do I get the feeling your mother wants to know what happened here?”

“Because that is the simplest answer to why we have been pulled around by our nose rings.”

“She said harmony is a false life. Living well, being loved, and loving others is enough.”

“Whatever anyone thinks, does not matter. We are here because this is where we are supposed to be. Humans worry too much about dying. We are all going to die. The trick is being where you want to be when death arrives. At home, in a bed, or so far from Earth, we’ll never be found.”

A Sci-Fi Action Series Available in eBook and Paperback.

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