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Kathla Chronicles


She must face the machine she created.

Maddie has her dream job, leading a team translating ancient languages. The Artificial Intelligence she created does what humans could not. Her AI works perfectly, decrypting and interpreting primitive texts.

Until it happened, Maddie didn’t consider AI dangerous. Then, her AI found the hidden cryptic and unlocked the cipher.

How many will die if she can’t stop it?

Two thousand years ago, something hid the code that enables a machine to be self-aware.

An ancient language research team’s Artificial Intelligence device found the hidden cryptic and unlocked the cipher.

Artificial Intelligence. Is the reality of racing toward sentient AI a threat to humanity? Are humans sprinting into a self-induced end-of-days?

Maddie’s AI unlocked the code that killed millions.

Now, she must stop the machine before it kills again.

Early Reviews

“A story with twists and turns that will make you desperate to read the next chapter. The characters are distinct and the unfolding of the story is perfectly paced. Understanding AI and its capabilities can be technical and boring, but this story is funny, intriguing, and brings to light the darkness that AI could cause.” – Amy

“A story reminiscent of War Games meets Transcendence meets 2001: A Space Odyssey, Threshold takes you on an adventure into how much closer we are to the complexities of true and complete artificial intelligence than we realize. What would happen if an AI program exceeded its programming to become self aware? Would it have the same morals that humankind claims to share? What if we lost control….?” – Courtney

“R.C. Ducantlin grabs the reader and takes them on a fast-paced, nail-biting journey following the exploits of a rogue AI hell-bent on making humanity obsolete. Can’t wait to read the next one!” – Beta Reader

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