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Marble Grove

Marble Grove

Marble Grove is a detective mystery with a contemporary vibe.

Across the county, patients with stage three and four cancers are dying sooner than expected and in unusual ways. Some victims are murdered — shot in the heart with a small caliber round. Other victims die of unknown causes. Detectives are stumped — no bullet fragments at the scene of the murders. Somehow, the murderer, or murderers, extract the bullets to prevent identification.

Victims die in their homes and long-term care facilities. Hospice facilities are at a loss to explain how, or why, their patients are being killed. Some families consider it a mercy their loved one no longer suffers.

Main Characters

Loren Helphia Mancone née Whitecloud – “Louie” is a nurse working in oncology. Twenty-nine, five-nine, amber skin, coal black hair down to her waist, Louie could have been a model. After clawing her way out of the reservation and into a community college, good grades got her admitted to a state university. 

Kelvin Albert Mancone – Kelvin is Louie’s husband, who works from home as a data scientist. A little over five-eleven, the thirty-year-old, rail-thin computer nerd knows he is one lucky SOB. A bi-racial couple, Caucasian Kelvin outkicked the coverage when he married First Nation’s Louie.

Booger – The couple’s four-year-old Border Collie.

Marcus Alvin Demchuk – Son of John Alvin and Dina Clarin Demchuk, “Al” is considered high-function on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) scale. Thirty-ish, five-nine, two-hundred pounds, prematurely balding, Al oozes working-class America — except Al is unable to hold a job for long. A wanna-be detective, Al scours the internet for cases to solve. When he sees a pattern in a series of deaths, he becomes convinced an active serial killer exists. After selling his beloved baseball card and comic collections, draining his savings, Al buys a car. He begins traveling to the locations of the deaths he thinks are connected.

Carin Marcia Trimble – Carin is a newly promoted detective who begins to believe Al’s ideas about a serial killer. Thirty-four, unmarried, thick but not fat, the five-eight brunette has a couple of decades of martial arts training in her tool kit. If true, Carin soon realizes Al’s theory about a serial killer is her way out of middle America and into the big leagues of detective circles.

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