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Marble Grove

Marble Grove is a detective mystery with a contemporary vibe.

Across the county, patients with stage three and four cancers are dying sooner than expected and in unusual ways. Some victims are murdered — shot in the heart with a small caliber round. Other victims die of unknown causes. Detectives are stumped — no bullet fragments at the scene of the murders. Somehow, the murderer, or murderers, extract the bullets to prevent identification.

Victims die in their homes and long-term care facilities. Hospice facilities are at a loss to explain how, or why, their patients are being killed. Some families consider it a mercy their loved one no longer suffers.

Main Characters

Loren Helphia Mancone née Whitecloud – “Louie” is a nurse working in oncology. Twenty-nine, five-nine, amber skin, coal black hair down to her waist, Louie could have been a model. After clawing her way out of the reservation and into a community college, good grades got her admitted to a state university. 

Kelvin Albert Mancone – Kelvin is Louie’s husband, who works from home as a data scientist. A little over five-eleven, the thirty-year-old, rail-thin computer nerd knows he is one lucky SOB. A bi-racial couple, Caucasian Kelvin outkicked the coverage when he married First Nation’s Louie.

Booger – The couple’s four-year-old Border Collie.

Marcus Alvin Demchuk – Son of John Alvin and Dina Clarin Demchuk, “Al” is considered high-function on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) scale. Thirty-ish, five-nine, two-hundred pounds, prematurely balding, Al oozes working-class America — except Al is unable to hold a job for long. A wanna-be detective, Al scours the internet for cases to solve. When he sees a pattern in a series of deaths, he becomes convinced an active serial killer exists. After selling his beloved baseball card and comic collections, draining his savings, Al buys a car. He begins traveling to the locations of the deaths he thinks are connected.

Carin Marcia Trimble – Carin is a newly promoted detective who begins to believe Al’s ideas about a serial killer. Thirty-four, unmarried, thick but not fat, the five-eight brunette has a couple of decades of martial arts training in her tool kit. If true, Carin soon realizes Al’s theory about a serial killer is her way out of middle America and into the big leagues of detective circles.

A sleepy town in Minnesota is not Minnesota Nice. Detective Carin Trimble looks into the dark corners but finds Marble Grove is bent on keeping its secrets. Carin’s obsession with learning the history will strike closer to home than she could have thought.

This intelligent and intricate small-town mystery will keep you reading to the very last page. In it, Carin Trimble emerges as one of mystery fiction’s most compelling detectives and Marble Grove as one of its darkest worlds.


 Carin accepts that she was lucky in solving her first big case. Your average serial killer did not commit the Nursing Home Murders, and the press loved the idea of a serial killer stalking the rural heartland.

However, Carin cannot shake the notion — “How can one person be the cause of so much pain and suffering?” Looking deeper into the town’s past, she knows everyone lies to her about what happened.

Determined to get to the truth, asking too many questions left the Detective with an uncomfortable reality. “Someone is trying to kill me to hide what happened in Marble Grove.”

The search for truth brought Todd Davison into Carin’s world. Maybe Todd is the anchor she needs to settle her increasing mental struggle. Todd is tall, handsome, and single. He’s perfect, except —“Will he be okay with the night terrors?”

Carin refuses to be intimidated by the threats. Learning the reality of Marble Grove’s past may not put anyone in prison, but it will help the former Marine sleep.


“One of those DNA tests will tell you what you want to know. They run specials all the time. You can learn things you probably don’t want to know for fifty bucks.”

“We’ve all had to have someone else rip off the bandage that we could not take care of ourselves. Sometimes, the pain of losing a few hairs keeps us from knowing the wound is healing. Often, wounds need to feel the air to heal more quickly. Carole, I’m ripping the bandage off Marble Grove and starting with …”


“Incest. Murder. Calder Road has it all.” — Beta Reader.

Ducantlin brings the midwestern setting to life, creating a backdrop that adds rich depth to the characters and keeps readers on the edge of their seats. Fans of female detective mysteries will be captivated by this page-turning novel that combines pulse-pounding suspense, complex characters, and an unflinching look at the dark underbelly of a seemingly idyllic town.

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A gripping tale of family secrets, betrayal, and unbreakable bonds.

Detective Carin Trimble is on a quest to untangle a web of hints left by her late mother. As she delves deeper, she confronts a dark mystery that will unveil the intricate tapestry of their family’s past — a revelation poised to shatter everything they thought they knew.

Detective Carin Trimble follows a cryptic trail of clues left by her deceased mother. She tries to uncover the key to a secret that will reveal their entire family history — a secret with devastating consequences.

Detective Carin Trimble is on a quest to untangle a web of hints left by her late mother. As she delves deeper, she confronts a dark mystery that will unveil the intricate tapestry of their family’s past — a revelation poised to shatter everything they thought they knew.