January 18, 2019

Max and the Dream Time

The Find 

Part I

Max and Jamie loved summer and the pond at the old mill.

Everything changed when Max found the Orb at the bottom of the old mill pond.

Jamie wanted out of the dying mill town. Leaving was the only option.

On the day Max found the crystalline Orb, it became his obsession. Why was the Orb warm when he pulled it from the cold pond water? What did the Orb have to do with the frequent daydreams about the future?

Max began to think he was being manipulated by the Orb.

Max could help Jamie.

Jamie made Max confess and she vowed to never let her friend suffer alone.

Jamie was afraid of the future.

Max had seen the future and knew what he needed to do to protect his friends.

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The Everwhen 

Part Two

Max knows Jamie loves him.

Max’s ability to see the future shocks Jamie.

Understanding the Orb is Max’s obsession for Max.

Viewing Jamie’s future breaks Max’s heart.

To protect Jamie, Max is making small changes in the present.

Changes to the present to alter the future.

Changing the present, to help his friends, increased the pain from the Orb

How much pain would Max accept for his friends?

The Tontine

Part Three

Max made a hard choice.

Helping his friends was too great a risk. Max made the cruel choice to lock away the Orb. Locking away the new capabilities will require an agreement.

A blood oath. A Tontine.

Max convinces his friends to go along with the plan to give up the new abilities. He has seen the agreement in The Everwhen.

Hiding the Orb means losing access to The Everwhen. Without the Orb, the future is the realm of the unknown.

Max has seen the pain that is coming.

He will suffer to protect his friends.

The Lost Years

Part Four

Six years ago Max talked his friends into the blood oath.

The Tontine.

For Mark, Randall, and Jamie, locking away the Orb meant long years of accepting the fate of each new day.

Max had foreseen the oath broken.

 The factory town had been dying for years. 

The mill closing killed it.

Stuck in the dead town, they needed a way out.

They know Max can use the Orb for guidance.

 Max knew who would break the oath.

Using the Orb was punishing for Max, the pain never ended, it ebbed and flowed.

Pain or no pain, Max missed the Dream Time and the Everwhen.

The Price of Love

Part Five

Max understands why he was chosen by the Orb.

Max had learns to control the ebb and flow of the pain the Orb inflicts.

He did not know why, but he knew the connection was different.

Limiting his exposure to the Orb gave him a good life.

The town came apart and died. 

Those who remain trudge along trying to survive.

Max had seen it all unfold in The Everwhen.

Now he knows his duty is to keep people safe.

Mark, Randall, and Jamie demand a promise from Max 

They demand he breaks the connection.

Max promises to break the connection with the Orb.

Max lied.

The connection cannot be broken.