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Max and the Dream Time

Max and the Dream Time

Max and the Dream Time

The Find - Part One - Available Free!

Destinies aren't set in stone.

Max has two important goals: to leave his dying mill town and take Jamie, the love of his young life, with him. However, he knows that accomplishing these goals won't be easy in a small town where things never change.

One day, while exploring a pond, Max discovers a strange crystalline Orb. He soon realizes that the Orb possesses magical powers that allow him to see and alter the future. But he also learns that altering the future comes with consequences.

When the Orb reveals a devastating event in Jamie's future, Max becomes determined to save her at any cost. He risks everything to change her destiny and make sure that the tragedy never happens.

But how much pain can one person endure to save the one they love? Will Max's plan be enough, or will shifting the future cost too much?

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