August 26, 2019

Fò Miranda – A Collection of Short Stories

Fò Miranda

Miranda is convinced she is going to be famous. She is going to be in the movies or fly aeroplanes.

Ever the optimist, the twelve-year-old Miranda finds a way to be famous.

The War to end all Wars, the Spanish Flu, and Great Depression combine to destroy the dreams of adults and children.

Some Voodoo is for the Dead.

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Miranda is famous even if very few people know her name.

She is not an actress in the movies, nor does she fly aeroplanes.

Miranda is a Troubadour.

Miranda plays the guitar and sings .

Her brother Beau does not mind the recognition that comes with being Miranda’s conduit.

Beau LaLonde is the first to understand there is more to the guitar than a box with six strings.

Some Voodoo is Eternal.

Review are always appreciated.



AJ’s mother refused to marry his father, Rand. A struggling musician who is never around, AJ barely knew his father.

Ignoring his mother’s advice, AJ wants to be a musician.

After college, his dream of being a musician takes a backseat to earning a living.

A backseat until his estranged father passes away.

The story opens with the reading of Rand LaLonde’s Will and the awarding of his estate.

In the lawyer’s overcrowded conference room, the good people of Southern Louisiana are shocked at what happens.

Not all Voodoo is bad Voodoo

Reviews are always appreciated.

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