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Shadow Skies

Shadow Skies: A Struggle for Survival in a Shattered World

Amidst the ruins of a once-great civilization, a man fights to protect his clan in a world ravaged by a catastrophe. The air is thick with dust, the stench of death, and the missing sun is a cruel reminder of the world’s downfall.

Few survive, hardened by the harsh realities of this new world. We cling to a glimmer of hope, desperate for a better tomorrow. The fight for survival uncovers the true monsters lurking in the depths of humanity. The true enemy may not be the dangerous landscape but the darkness within.

For those who crave enthralling storytelling and the resilience of humanity, “Shadow Skies” is a must-read. But beware, for the journey ahead is treacherous and full of unexpected twists.


“This descent into darkness began just blocks from where my grandmother was killed. Our lives are now a constant struggle for survival, with no joy or optimism in sight. But we must rebuild and reclaim what was lost. Can we truly overcome the odds?”

“Through determination, we will push forward. We must eliminate the dangers lurking in the shadows if our species is to thrive again. Our guides are Hope and Moira. They give us the strength to keep us going. Deep down, I believe the sky, once blue in my childhood, yearns to return.”

Join us on a journey of resilience and determination in “Shadow Skies,” a post-apocalyptic short story masterpiece by the unparalleled R C Ducantlin.

Praise for Shadow Skies

“Many stories “tell” or “describe” to us what a post-apocalyptic experience might be like allowing us to safely digest the experience from the comfort of our living room chairs. Not so with this new piece by R C Ducantlin. “Death Hunts the Weak” drops us right into the action, forces us to experience the apocalypse firsthand, and doesn’t let up.” – Steven A.

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