Grand-mère said, grand-père painted the house blue. My mère said the bright blue kept the snakes away and the hunters from shooting at the house. Why anyone would want to shoot a house? Out in the swamp, up on the stilts, the house is an easy target. Mère said grand-père wanted no tracas, no mistakes.[…]

Icky Waddles – Part Five

“You never know how strong you are untilbeing strong is the only choice you have.”Bob Marley Lunchtime in middle school was the best part of the day and the worst part of the day. I sit for lunch with Amanda and several new friends. We always sit together. We sit at the end table away[…]

A word about IE (Internet Explorer)

I found my site does not perform well with IE. This from Microsoft: “Microsoft recommends using the new Microsoft Edge as your default browser. Microsoft Edge supports backward compatibility for Internet Explorer 11.  I have tested: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Epic.  All work fine.  I presume the site works with Safari. Thanks for reading!  Source:[…]