INTRODUCTION The inspiration for the series of short stories came from the song The Guitar which was written by Guy Clark, Verlon Thompson, and nine guys from a guitar class. Chronologically, the stories are: Fò Miranda, Envie, and Gris-Gris To appreciate the story line, the stories were written in the order: Gris-Gris, Fò Miranda, and[…]

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Miranda was famous even if very few people knew her name. She was not an actress in the movies and did not fly aeroplanes. Miranda played the guitar and sang for audiences of a few and in front of thousands. Rand did not mind the recognition that came with being Miranda’s conduit.Amazon Kindle

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Gris-Gris and Fò Miranda have led to something interesting. People are asking me who I listen to that is “new and fresh”. Okay, they don’t say “new and fresh”, they ask who I like. Here is someone I came across a few months ago. She might be going places… Karen Waldrup

Fò Miranda – A Short Story

It is here! WooHoo! Miranda is convinced she is going to be famous. She going to be in the movies or fly aeroplanes. The War to end all Wars, the Spanish Flu, and Great Depression combined to destroy the dreams of children. Ever the optimist, twelve-year-old Miranda found a way to famous.

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★★★★★ “Excellent fun read. Good story good characters.” – Jeff D. Thank you Jeff! https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/948765

Gris-Gris – A Short Story

A free short story. Please feel free to leave a comment. AJ’s mother never married his father. A struggling musician who was never around, AJ barely knew his father. Ignoring his parents’ warnings, all he ever wanted to be is a musician. After college, his dream of being a musician took a backseat to earning[…]