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Tule Fog

Tule Fog

Tule Fog is a narrative Suspense-Mystery with a Noir vibe.

Based in present-day California, the story is centered in the San Joaquin Valley and the city of Tulare. Tule Fog melds agricultural control, political corruption, the pandemic and the economic collapse, and a dash of sexual deviance into a mystery. The story’s reality is equality and hope for those seeking more.

Main Characters

Anthony Michael Bertrand – Toby is in his early forties and was the lead attorney in a successful class action. Tall with curly dark hair, Toby is habitually single but is never without gold-diggers sniffing around his pile of Benjamins. He is a talented lawyer because of his fastidiousness in remembering details. Aware of his problem, an undiagnosed ADD manipulates Toby’s thoughts. Too bad he lost a week of memories when the incident occurred.

Mary Elizabeth McCarty – EmZee is the same age as Toby. She is intelligent, bright-eyed, and pretty under a hint of makeup. But, the red-haired waif is hiding secrets.

Grace Ophelia Lin née McCarty – Grace is the ICU nurse who helped Toby recover. Her stoic nurse’s face is a bright and happy veneer. The pain she is hiding would kill the average mother. EmZee’s younger sister, by nearly five years, Grace, is the middle child in the McCarty clan of nine girls.

Dad & Granddad – Malcolm Henry McCarty, the second (deceased) and the third (82). Grandad was the first-generation son of immigrants. Dad, called Henry, accepted his father’s view of the world without question or debate.

The McCarty patriarch silently advocates a modified society. His reform means a return to the remote past. In Henry’s mind, civilization is considered a degradation of the natural order, and the ideal is the return to original purity.